A fast-growing e-retailer needed help refreshing their user experience on Shopify as they moved from B2C to B2B online.  After a custom wholesale application was complete the solutions team moved on to an operational challenge. Erimish’s growth was presenting a processing bottleneck.  Receiving several retailer applications a day meant hours upon hours spent sifting through databases to qualify applicants, assess markets and review financial data. The process was demanding, prone to error and leaving potential retail partners waiting.


Now Erimish receives an automated report that includes the information they need.  Automated reports include relevant data within Erimish systems combined with public and data on the applicants’ markets.  The data-rich reports give Erimish the business intelligence it needs to increase applicant processing throughput and accuracy. Onward!  Erimish now has an improved onboarding experience for its new retail partners. Since the initial project, the team has continued to provide custom software and fully managed solutions, collaborating closely with the Erimish team to improve processes and customer experiences leading to increased sales.




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