Senior Computer Graphics Developer/ Senior 3D Graphics Engineer

Full Time
Posted 6 years ago


We are looking for a senior 3D graphics engineer with deep understanding of WebGL, Three.js and Javascript development experts for our US Product.


Experience: 2-9 Years



The ideal candidate will be in charge of moving our client’s 3D visualization tool to the next level:

  1. Generating photorealistic output by implementing more advanced lighting, staging, and material simulation.
  2. Enhancing the real-time 3D model generator engine to take into account material thickness, bump map, curves, and precise cuts.
  3. Adding the ability to import complex 3D models and mapping dynamic textures on them.
  4. Implementing new dynamic 3D models on an ongoing basis.




  1. Must have a great understanding of 3D graphics fundamentals, computer graphics, and Object Oriented Programming concept.
  2. Must be proficient in WebGL, Three.js, and JavaScript.



Technocentra is a software research and development organization aimed at helping businesses and institutions meet the complex challenges of the technology revolution. We at Technocentra are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic and self driven individuals who can work with our growing services and product innovation Teams and thereby help us charter our growth trajectory along with empowering themselves in the process.

Why Technocentra

  • Building of new technology products.
  • Clients high satisfaction on our Service Delivery.
  • Huge learning opportunity when compared with MNCs.
  • Possibility of Role change and growth for earnest and deserving candidates.
  • High salary over and above the Industry Standards for the deserving candidate.
  • Undisclosed Bonus anytime depending upon individual performance and the project success.
  • Various flexibility initiatives to ensure work life balance of the employees.
  • A great work culture that promotes fun, camaraderie as well as professional and personal growth.


Keywords: 3D Design, WebGL, Three.js, JavaScript

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